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The Candlemaker's Candle

“You can't buy happiness, but you can buy candles.”

This all started from my perpetual need for a better candle. Better smelling, better looking, and better choice while always remaining consistent.So, I did just that and I want to share with you some of my creations.

Our Candles

Our candles are not your average candle. With 2.5x more wax than most candles, our estimated burn time is roughly 120 hours. Our look? Well, we're not into the overkill of branded labels slapped onto a candle. We want our candle to be thought of as more of an art piece that fits your home or work decor.

Our scents are categorized into four categories: woods, fresh, spicy, and floral. With over fifteen scents to choose from, there ought to be one for everyone. 

It's love at first whiff.

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Our Products Have 'Afterlife' In Mind

We kind of made this term up but we're rolling with it. We've designed our candles to have secondary uses once you're finished with them. You can turn your candle vessels into dry floral vases, your candle holders into chic terrariums, and our concrete candle coasters into stunning table or bar top coasters.

We will always strive to become even better at our packaging, manufacturing process, and product uses. With afterlife in mind, we are keeping our planet ahead of our landfills.

2.5 x More Wax

With almost three times the amount of wax than your average candle, our candles last longer. 

Reusable Vessel

Our vessels are purposely not overly branded and come in a variety of shades to match your decor during and after use.

Unique Chic Holders

Our candle holders give you another alternative look to match your mood or decor without having to change that candle scent.