The candlemaker's candle is here!

Hey you,

I am excited to bring you a candle that I have been working on for a long time now. If you're like me, you've likely purchased candles on a whim and in-person at your local big box brick and mortar stores. Mine? HomeSense or TJX. I would always stumble upon some great scents and sometimes not so great scents but I loved the look of the candle. I couldn't find the consistency that I wanted. A candle that had a variety of scents that I liked and could switch up, but a candle that looked good at the same time. I was tired of the same old candle variety where it was too inconsistent and didn't allow for adventure depending on my mood. A candle that didn't brand the beauty of the candle in labels for the sake of branding. So, in 2019 I set out to make a candle that worked for me and one that covered all of the things I felt was missing in my daily, weekly, monthly candle search.

With that said, say hello to my candle creations. Here are a few things about what makes these candles a little different than most:

  • 2.5 x more wax than your standard candle that results in roughly 120 hours of burn time.
  • A candle with 'afterlife' in mind wherein we have designed our candle vessels and candle holders to be chic and minimally branded to allow you to use them for secondary purposes when you're done your candle. (ex. beautiful terrariums or floral vases).
  • A company that gives you the opportunity to smell all of our scents at no cost*. With every sample whiff pack you buy, a voucher is included for all first-time customers that is good for the full amount of the sample whiff price purchased and can be used towards their first candle. 
  • Chic holders allow you to switch your scents without changing the look and feel of your candle. We are working with talented ceramic artists to grow our candle holder collection that best suit the tastes of a variety of home decor. 
  • Crackling booster wooden wicks that soothe the soul. These wicks give a campfire-esque crackle that is calming and, to be frank, entertaining.

I am excited to take this journey with you and see if there are any other crazy and wild candle fanatics out there like me. I will be forever dedicated to bringing a better candle experience through great product design that comes with good taste, but more importantly, has a conscience. 

Please feel free to reach out to me on instagram @SmellAsher at anytime. I would love to hear how you're experiencing my candles and the many smelly things to come.


Nothing but love and passion,

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